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For Operators

In our control system, our operator interface GUIs are based on motif, Tk, Matlab, LabView, CSS, and Qt. At Lyncean Tech, we have found Qt to be the best looking and most user-friendly.

Emmanuel Mayssat @ Lyncean
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For Physicists

For large physics experiments, Epics Qt is the framework of choice for MATLAB alternatives, including SciPy, Octave, PythonXY

Cecile Limborg @ SLAC

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For Engineers

After years of programming in Xlib, GTK+, Microsoft Visual C++, Labview, PVSS, CERN Root, I really enjoy Qt! As an experienced C++ programmer, I would like to contribute

Valeri Sytnik @ JLab

A high-level framework that will blow your mind.

Epics Qt is a CSS-like framework. Unlike MEDM and EDM, Qt is modern, well-documented, and backed by a healthy community. Like Tk, Qt is free and open-source. Qt offers the potential of seamless integration with MATLAB-like software. Like LabVIEW, Qt allows for fast prototyping. But most importantly, Qt's many-language bindings offers existing facilities a smooth transition to a modern high-level framework. Indeed Epics Qt is designed for new and existing facilities.

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Qt insight inforgraphics

Oh yeah, it's that good. See for yourself.

Out of the box, Epics Qt offers high-productivity tools, such as creator, designer, linguist, and assistant. Qt offers a large set of libraries ranging from database interfaces to video processing. Epics Qt runs natively on Windows, OS X, and Linux. Qt is free, open source, well documented, and easy to use and learn.

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Designed by people for people.

Epics Qt is certainly not just for C++ programmers on Linux. It is suitable for all levels of programmers, from fast-prototypists, software architects, UI designers, to operators and experimenters. Epics Qt could be THE unifying framework.

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